Honorary Membership and Points

PDSA members can earn points as they attend events. Once a member attends eight (8) volunteering events, five (5) social events, six (6) fundraising events, four (4) general meetings, four (4) Dean of Admissions visits/ Dental School Blog Presentations, six (6) workshops, two (2) tabling events, and does one (1) editorial, dental school blog, or current event presentation, they will become an Honorary PDSA member. Members who participate should report their points to the current secretary so their involvement can be accounted for. The perks of honorary membership include special recognition and presentation at the end of the year banquet, attendance to any limited capacity events/dental workshops, and is a great application builder.

PDSA also awards the member who has allotted the most points at the year’s end the “Member of the Year” award presented at the annual end of the year banquet.

The following is a list of actions members may earn points from:



Attending a Social/Meeting/Tabling/Fundraising/Workshop Event

1 point

Wearing PDSA shirt to any of the above

1 point

Current event presentation/Editorials/Dental School Blog

2 points

Carpooling (Driver)

1 point







To motivate all members further, being an honorary member is a great application builder, so don’t forget to CHECK YOUR POINTS!