Frequently Asked Questions

How much are membership dues and what is included?
Dues are $55 for the year and it includes a club t-shirt, 1 patch (for your black scrubs) to be used at our volunteering events, participation in workshops (DAT, impressions, tooth-waxing, dental assisting, etc), volunteering, and it also pays for your spot in the end of the year banquet. You can pay dues at one of our general meetings or online through the Get Involved < Join tab on our website. Club t-shirts are distributed at the first meeting of every semester or you may pick them up during one of our cubicle hours located under Contact Us.

How will I know when the first meeting of the semester will be?
If you are a new member, once dues are paid, we will have your email and we will add you to our email list for our first meeting announcement and any further announcements of any upcoming events. If you are not receiving any of our emails, please make sure to contact our secretary to verify the email we have for you. We will also post information on our social media pages.

When and where are general meetings held?
Our general meetings are held on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:20 p.m in HEC 125 (Fall 2019). Please check with our calendar tab (Calendar of Events) to make sure of meeting dates/times. At our general meetings we will always have a guest speaker (usually a general dentist or specialist) who will give very informative presentations and give you a chance to network with them. If you missed a meeting and would like to know what you missed, our powerpoints are posted under About Us < General Meeting Powerpoints.

Is it a requirement to attend general meetings or events to be a member?
Not at all! We understand there are class/work time conflicts and unfortunately our meeting dates and time may not accommodate to everyone’s schedule. If you miss any meeting or you just can’t make it to any of our general meetings, you can stay informed by reviewing our meeting powerpoints posted on our website and also through our Facebook/Emails.

How do I keep up with upcoming events?
You can check out our calendar under the Calendar of Events tab. All of our upcoming events will be posted there and on our Facebook page as well. Please make sure we have your correct email address so that you can receive emails about our upcoming events.

How do I find the club on social media?
Our social media accounts are posted on the home page website of our website if you scroll down. Just click on one of the icons and they will direct you to our social media pages.

Where can I look up how many member points I have?
To find out how many points you’ve earned so far, please go to Membership < Member Points. If there are any questions regarding the way points were awarded, please contact our secretary for more information.

Where do I find the dental school blog template and who do I submit my blog post to?
The blog template can be found as a link posted under Dental School Blogs under Membership. Please follow this format when doing a dental school blog and make sure to look at past blogs to not repeat the same schools. You can submit your blog post to mediarelations.pdsa@gmail.com.

How much are patches and where can I get them?
Patches are required to be worn with black scrubs for ALL of our volunteering events, hands on workshops, and several dental school visits where we work in the sim labs. The black scrubs can be bought at any store of preference and you can buy a patch from us for $4 each. Patches can be purchased and picked up during cubicle hours located in the Student Union OSI 2nd floor or during one of our general meetings. You can also purchase through our Store on our website and pick up at the cubicle/general meeting. Patches should be worn on the LEFT side. Please keep this in mind when purchasing your scrubs so that they don’t have a pocket on the left side.

Are there carpools for dental school pre-dental days?
We always carpool when visiting any of the 3 dental schools in Florida offering pre-dental days. Emails are sent at least a week prior and a Google sheet is included for members who would like to carpool. Gas costs are split and driver receives one extra point to count for Honorary Membership.

Where do I find the Mentor/Mentee application?
Get Involved < Forms

For a great introduction to our club, please download our New Member Welcome Packet.