What is a Director to PDSA?

Directors are an integral part to our organization! They aid the officers in designated tasks and get to learn more about the position. This is an excellent opportunity to stand out within the club if you planning on running for an officer position, as well as a great application builder! There are up to 3 directors per officer. In order to apply for a position, an application is submitted in the beginning of the school year. Applications generally ask the applicant to list any previous experience within the position or position roles and allow the applicant to mention any new ideas he/she may have for the new year. Each officer is in charge of interviewing their prospective applicants. Directors are chosen by all officers coming together to make a final decision as a whole.

If you are interested in a director position, please fill out a maximum of two applications. You must download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the PDF, fill it out, save it, and when you are done, email it to the specific officer’s email that is found at the top of the application.

Meet our 2019-2020 Directors!

*Names are arranged from left to right.*

Sergeant at Arms Team

  • Olivia Potter
  • Amer Sbeih
  • Diana Rodriguez

Treasury Team

  • Gabriela Salinas
  • Isabela Soto
  • Francesca Betts

Media Relations Team

  • Kulsoom Nemazie
  • Patrick Joseph
  • Alexiss Gonzalez

Secretary Team

  • Dhiya Denny
  • Yesenia Reyes
  • Erick Joseph

President Team

  • Hailey Upchurch
  • Hiu Chan
  • Carson Rushmore

Vice President Team

  • Vanessa Mae Vailoces
  • Nicole Isidor
  • Deborah Osendi